Dinstar SIMBank 64/128 Channels SIM Slots * دنستار SIMBank 64/128 Channels SIM Slots

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Simbank هو جهاز تخزين شريحة SIM. يعمل Simbank و GSM VOIP Gateway (DWG) معًا تحت تحكم SIM Cloud، من خلال بروتوكول الاتصال الخاص المعتمد على شبكة الآي بي، والتي تقوم بتنفيذ اتصالات SIM عن بعد وإدارة الأجهزة عن بُعد. وكل ذلك يوفر حل GSM فويب قوي.

Simbank is the device for SIM storage. Simbank and GSM VOIP Gateway(DWG) work together under control of SIM Cloud, through private communication protocol based on IP network, which implement remote SIM communication and remote device management. And all of these provide a powerful GSM VOIP Solution completely.

Key Product Features :

  • Support working under NAT
  • Capability up to 128 SIMs
  • Support multiple SIMBANK working together
  • Working with DWG
  • Flexing SIM schedule policy(work with SIM Cloud)
  • High efficiency and stability of Data transport
  • Compatible with 2G/3G SIM
  • SIM is hot-swappable
  • Support remote lock/unlock SIM
  • Support remote control of device
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