Grandstream Wave * تطبيق جراند ستريم Wave

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تمكن المستخدمين من التحرك بحرية والاستمرار في تلقي المكالمات من أي حساب SIP للأعمال. The Grandstream Wave هو تطبيق مجاني للهواتف الذكية يتيح للمستخدمين الاتصال بحسابات SIP الخاصة بهم من أي مكان في العالم. الاستفادة منه علي أي جهاز أندرويد أو آبل لزيادة إمكانية التنقل والبقاء على اتصال دائمًا.

Enable users to move freely and continue to receive calls from any business or residential SIP account. The Grandstream Wave is a free softphone application that allows users to connect to their SIP accounts from anywhere in the world. Utilize on any AndroidTM or iOS device to increase mobility and stay connected to essential communications.

Key Product Features :

  • Supports G.711µ/a, G.722 (HD-audio), G.726-32, G.729, GSM, iLBC, Opus and Speex codecs
  • Security features include SIP over TLS and 128/256-bit SRTP
  • Up to 6-way audio conference, and 24 virtual BLF keys
  • Supports 6 SIP accounts
  • Native integration with mobile devices including contact, call history and ringtones
  • Enterprise features including IP PBX integration, BLF, call transfer/pickup, call recording with UCM, LDAP
  • Automatic call forwarding based on time and location rules
  • Full integration with Grandstream’s UCM-series of IP PBXs, including creation of QR code for automatic provisioning
  • Voice channel switching between Bluetooth, earphone, speakerphone & 3.5mm headset
  • Supports 2-way video calls based on SIP & H.264 video codec
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