Sangoma VoIP Gateway VEGA-100-030KIT * بوابة اتصال ڤويب سانغوما VEGA-100-030KIT

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Sangoma’s Vega 100G VoIP Digital Gateways عبارة عن جهاز ذو مخرج واحد T1 / E1 / PRI يدعم حتى 30 مكالمة متزامنة.

Sangoma’s Vega 100G VoIP Digital Gateways are a single port T1/E1/PRI appliance supporting up to 30 simultaneous calls.

Key Product Features :

  • Web GUI for configuration and troubleshooting
  • Vega 100G - 1 T1/E1 - 30 SIP calls VoIP gateway
  • Featuring Quick Wizard for rapid deployment
  • Onboard DSP for media translation
  • Interoperable with most legacy and VoIP carriers worldwide
  • Advanced flexible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing
  • Built in Local Suitability in the case of WAN failure
  • VEGA-100-030KIT - VS0164: Vega100 1 x E1T1
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