Avaya 9608G IP Deskphone * هاتف مكتب إي بي أڤايا G9608

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يعد هاتف Deskboard 9608G هاتفًا فعالاً من حيث التكلفة ويعمل بكامل طاقته مع دعم جيجابت المتكامل. تم تصميم هذا الهاتف المكتبي خصيصًا للشركات الصغيرة والكبيرة ، ويشمل إمكانية الوصول إلى ثمانية خطوط وعلامات رسومية يمكن إدارتها مركزياً. يوفر برنامج مركز الاتصال إمكانية وصول مبسطة إلى عمليات الترحيب ومراقبة المكالمات في قائمة انتظار وتحديثات الحالة وغير ذلك.

The 9608G Deskphone is a cost-effective fully functional phone with support for integrated gigabit. Designed for small to large enterprises, this deskphone includes access to eight lines and graphical labels that can be administered centrally. A contact center software adaptation provides simplified access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, agent status updates, and more.

Key Product Features :

  • Delivers high definition audio that can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier-tounderstand multi-party calls through the wideband audio codec in the handset and headset.
  • Simplifies call control on the display using softkeys for everyday functions such as transfer, conference and forwarding; also makes it easy to perform everyday tasks such as quick access to the corporate directory
  • Provides visual queues that can speed task management through 8 dual-color Red/Green LED buttons.
  • Improves flexibility through support of a secondary Gigabit Ethernet port for a PC.
  • Enables high-speed call handling through support of up to three 12- or 24-button Expansion Modules.
  • Offers consistency through a common interface with soft clients and mobile endpoints.
  • Accommodates advanced unified communications solutions with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based infrastructure on the Avaya Aura platform.
  • Supports reduced energy consumption and lower costs through Power-overEthernet Class 1 design with “sleep mode”.
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