Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone * هاتف مكتب إي بي أڤايا GS9641

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يوفر هذا الهاتف المكتبي إمكانات متقدمة مع شاشة لمس ملونة قياس 5 بوصات ومكبر صوت عريض النطاق وواجهة USB وذاكرة جيجابت متكاملة إلى سطح المكتب. يعد هذا النموذج خيار جيد للعاملين في مجال المعرفة، وهو مفيد بشكل خاص لموظفي مركز الاتصال. فهو يبسط الوصول إلى عمليات الترحيب ومراقبة المكالمات في قائمة الانتظار وتحديثات حالة موظف خدمة العملاء.

This desktop phone delivers advanced capabilities with a 5-inch color touchscreen, wideband speaker, USB interface, and integrated gigabit to the desktop. A good option for knowledge workers, this model is especially useful for contact center agents. It simplifies access to greetings, in-queue call monitoring, and agent status updates.

Key Product Features :

  • Improved touch technology; Capacitive touch for fast, light, and accurate response
  • Delivers high definition audio that will delight any employee, particularly those who spend a lot of time on the phone and/or frequently have multiparty conference calls
  • Facilitates access to information through an easy-to-read, high resolution color display
  • Speeds completion of common tasks with intuitive prompts on the touchscreen and easy one-touch access from the “home” screen to other applications
  • Supports enhanced productivity by improving call control and management through a graphical display that anticipates user intentions and makes contextual menus, prompts and instructions easy to read
  • Supports reduced energy consumption and costs through Power-over-Ethernet Class 2 design with “sleep mode”
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