Dinstar UC2000 Converged Gateway * بوابة اتصال دنستار UC2000 Converged

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UC2000 بوابة اتصال عالمية، توفر اتصالاً بشبكة الفويب و PLMN و PSTN عبر جهاز  1U. تحتوى البوابة على بنية مدمجة ذات مظهر جيد وتتميز بمنافذ مختلفة وتطبيقات شاملة.

UC2000 is a multi-functional universal gateway, which is module-structured and provides connectivity to VoIP network, PLMN and PSTN via a standard 1U device. The gateway has a compact structure with fine appearance, featuring various ports and comprehensive application functions.

Key Product Features :

  • Multiple physical interfaces, Modular design, customization per your needs, tailored for your application.
  • Local calls via extension numbers, communication easily between headquaters/branches.
  • Flexible dial plan, via time, numbers, source IP etc.
  • Simple/Easy deployment, integrated seamlessly with your current system
  • CDRs on local.
  • SMS sending & receiving.
  • User-friendly web interface , multiple management ways.
  • Modularized Hardware Structure​.
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