Dinstar Session Boader Controller SBC3000 * دنستار Session Boader Controller SBC3000

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يوفر دنستار SBC3000 خدمات تعتمد على بروتوكول SIP مثل الوصول الآمن للشبكة، والتوجيه المرن، وإدارة السياسات، وتحويل الوسائط، ومعالجة الوسائط لمشغلي الاتصالات الصغيرة والمتوسطة.

Dinstar SBC3000 provides rich SIP-based services such as safe network access, robust security, system interconnectivity, flexible session routing & policy management, QoS, media transcoding and media processing for small-and-medium telecommunication operators.

Key Product Features :

  • Supports up to 2000 concurrent SIP sessions
  • Triple anti-attacking
  • Support forwarding of 2000 calls on media, and transcoding of 1500 calls on media and fax
  • Triple anti-attacking, embedded VoIP firewall, prevention of DoS and DDos attacks
  • Bandwidth limitation and dynamic white list & black list
  • VLAN, Ipsec, QoS, static route, NAT traversal
  • Import & export of remote upgrade and configuration data
  • User-friendly web interface, multiple management ways
  • Dual main control boards, dual hot-swappable power supplies
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