Escene VoIP Phone ES620-PEG

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ES620-PEG is a small-screen-based wireless IP phone in SayHi IP phone, it has fashion and technological appearance, excellent voice quality, and powerful features, and it is a new generation of intelligent phones to replace of the traditional desktop office terminals, It accomplished the powerful telephony features by cooperating with the communications platform,. such as the call transfer, hotline, three-party conference calling, speed dial, voice mail, Do Not Disturb, etc.

Key Product Features :

  • 480x272 HD Color displayer.
  • 8 SIP accounts, Gigabit.
  • Support Communication app EP+.
  • 40 BLF / Paperless Programmable keys.
  • Adjustable bracket, wall-mountable.
  • Support Bluetooth, EHS.
  • Support USB Charging, PoE.
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