Fanvil Headset HT101 * سماعة الرأس فانڤيل HT101

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Fanvil HT101 هي سماعة رأس واحدة خفيفة الوزن ومريحة مصممة لمركز الاتصال المكثف وبيئات المكتب.

The Fanvil HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single sided headset designed for the intensive call center and office environments.

Key Product Features :

  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • Noise- cancellation earphone
  • ECM noise- cancellation microphone
  • A neodymium magnet system for accurate reproduction and balanced audio
  • Frequency Responses 300hz-3400hz
  • Low sound pressure- Less than 118db
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