Fanvil SIP Intercom i12

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The Fanvil i12 is an intelligent security intercom designed for a range of different applications. The i12 combines IP technology with an industrial intercom and can be easily configured and managed.

Key Product Features :

  • SIP:Designing in the most popular communication standard protocol - SIP, you needn't worry about compatibility, vendor selection and alteration any more
  • HD Voice: Wonderful aural enjoying with wideband G.722 coding
  • Anti-tamper:Alarming as long as the cover aparts from the housing, meanwhile, reporting to the control center
  • Security linkage:Two short-circuit input interfaces and two short-circuit output interfaces, safe isolation circuits designed to prevent miss connections
  • Advanced protection:Strictly follow the high standards of international protection grade, waterproof to IP65, anti-collision reaches IK10
  • Noise Reduction:Specific processing module for environmental noise reduction. Meanwhile, support long-distance pickup as far as five meters
  • Anti-stamp:In-built anti-stamp nets, to prevent malicious damage
  • Wide range temperature adaptability:Applicable temperature ranging from -40 to +70 degrees, adapting to all kinds of harsh environments
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