Grandstream IP Camera GXV3674_FHD * كاميرا آي بي جراند ستريم GXV3674_FHD

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اختيار متنوع للإعدادات الخارجية حيث يكون الطقس وأحوال الإضاءة مصدر قلق ، فإن GXV3674 v2 يخلق حلًا أمنًا مرنًا سهل النشر. كما تأتي GXV3674 v2 مزودة بـ IR وعدسة تركيز متغيرة ، مما يسمح للمستخدمين بتخصيص الجهاز بشكل أفضل ليلائم احتياجات المراقبة الخاصة بهم. تعتبر GXV3674 v2 مثالية لرصد المداخل والحدائق وساحات الفناء الكبيرة ومواقف السيارات وكل شيء بينهما.

A versatile selection for an outdoor setting where weather and light conditions are a concern, the GXV3674 v2 creates an easy to deploy, flexible security solution. The GXV3674 v2 also comes equipped with IR and a variable focus lens, allowing users to customize the device best to fit their monitoring needs. The GXV3674 v2 is perfect for monitoring entrances, parks, large courtyards, parking lots and everything in between.

Key Product Features :

  • GXV3674_FHD: 3.1 megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS image sensor, 1080p resolution
  • Variable focal lens can be adjusted from 2.8mm to 12mm
  • IP66 certified weatherproof casing
  • Advanced multi-streaming rate real-time H.264, Motion JPEG
  • Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af)
  • Supports Motion Detection and can send notifications when security events occur to IP Video Phones, IP Phones, screenshot to email, and more
  • Integrate with third party speakers, microphones, intercom systems, sirens, alarms, alarm devices such as door sensors and third party motion sensors, and more
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