Polycom Video Conferencing Device SoundStructure C12 * جهاز مؤتمرات فيديو بوليكوم SoundStructure C12

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تتطلب بعض قاعات المؤتمرات المزيد من إمكانات المؤتمرات الصوتية أكثر مما يمكن أن يوفره هاتف المؤتمرات العادي أو نظام الفيديو. بالنسبة للغرف من هذا النوع ، فإن Polycom SoundStructure C-Series عبارة عن حل صوتي في غرفة المؤتمرات تم تركيبه يوفر تجربة غامرة حقًا لمؤتمرات الصوت والفيديو. اعتمد عليها لتوفير مؤتمرات صوتية عالية الأداء لأي نوع من الغرف تقريبًا - من قاعات المؤتمرات وغرف الاجتماعات العادية إلى أكبر مراكز التدريب والفصول الدراسية.

Some conference rooms require more audio conferencing capabilities than a standard conference phone or video system can provide. For rooms of that nature, the Polycom SoundStructure C-Series is an installed conference room audio solution that delivers a truly immersive experience for both voice and video conferences. Rely on it to provide high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room—from standard-size conference rooms and boardrooms to the largest training centers and classrooms.

Key Product Features :

  • Unrivaled Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) – The only product with both monaural and stereo echo cancellation from 20Hz to 22 kHz – AEC with no compromises for more immersive meetings
  • Breakthrough feedback elimination – Enables more flexible microphone, talker, loudspeaker placements and speech reinforcement, delivering audio where you want it
  • Polycom OBAM matrix architecture – Connect multiple units together to create larger systems without the limitations of traditional bussing
  • Conferencing features – All are available on all inputs. Eliminate the worry of running out of microphone inputs, since every feature is available on all inputs
  • Gain sharing automatic microphone mixer – Improved automixer experience ensures smoother transitions and robust performance in a variety of operating environments
  • Modular single or dual-line PSTN, or VoIP telephony cards – These help expand functionality and protect your investment
  • Fully digital Polycom RealPresence Group Series integration – Add powerful, configurable audio to your HD video collaboration
  • Flexible support of logic inputs (contact closures) and logic outputs -- For push-to-talk microphones and other applications
  • Powerful events programming – Customize system behavior with the RealPresence Touch Control, RealPresence Group Series video collaboration solutions, rIR remotes, and more
  • Password protection – Prevent unauthorized users from accessing, controlling or making changes to the system
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