Sangoma Analog Telephony Card A200-FXS/FXO Ports * كارت تيليفونى آنالوج سانغوما A200-FXS/FXO Ports

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كارت الآنالوج A200 قابل لاضافة من 2 الى 24 منفذًا بمساحة (2U)، لكل منفذ واجهة على الخادم. ما عليك سوى إضافة لوحة Remora daughter board إلى الكارت الاساسى التى تتيح استخدام حتى 24 قناة اتصال.

A200 and A400 analog cards are scalable from 2-24 ports in a 2U form factor, per interface slot on the server. Simply add a Remora daughter board to the base card to expand to up to 24 channels.

Key Product Features :

  • 2-24 port scalable analog card of combination of FXS/FXO interfaces via 4-pin RJ11/4 narrow jacks.
  • Up to 24 simultaneous PSTN calls
  • Available in PCI and PCI Express in 2U form factor
  • Carrier-Grade hardware Echo Cancellation options
  • Includes on-board diagnostic tool kit
  • Supports most motherboards & servers
  • Linux and Windows Supported
  • Supports Asterisk, FreePBX, proprietary PBX, IVR and more
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