Sangoma VoIP Gateway Vega 50 BRI * بوابة اتصال ڤويب سانغوما Vega 50 BRI

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Sangoma’s Vega 50 BRI VoIP بوابة اتصال الرقمية هى جهاز BRI من 2-4-8 منافذ يدعم ما يصل إلى 16 مكالمة BRI متزامنة.

Sangoma’s Vega 50 BRI VoIP Digital Gateways are a 2-4-8 port BRI appliance for up to 16 simultaneous BRI calls.

Key Product Features :

  • 2–10 Ports, Analog or BRI
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback & Least Cost Routing
  • Emergency PSTN Backup
  • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment
  • SIP and H.323 Support
  • Voice, FAX and Modem Support
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans
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