Grandstream IP Phone GXP1780/1782 * هاتف آى بى جراند ستريم GXP1780/1782

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تعتبر هواتف آي بي متوسطة المدى مثالية للشركات النامية، حيث إنها تقدم تصميم راقي وأنيق وذا سعة متوسطة المدى يمكن أن تنموها الأعمال مع الأسعار التنافسية التي تحتاجها الآن وتعتمد عليها. يدعم GXP1780 و GXP1782 ثمان 8 خطوط ، 4 حسابات SIP ويتضمن 32 مفتاح BLF / اتصال سريع قابل للبرمجة رقميًا. يوفر GXP1782 منافذ جيجابت ثنائية لدعم بسرعات اتصال تصل إلى 1000 ميجابايت في الثانية ، بينما يوفر GXP1780 منفذاً مزدوجًا بسرعة 10/100 ميجابت في الثانية.

This Mid-Range IP phones is ideal for growing businesses as it offers a high-end, sleek design and mid-range capacity that business can grow with and depend on at the competitive price that you need now. The GXP1780 and GXP1782 supports 8 lines, 4 SIP accounts and includes 32 digitally programmable BLF/speed-dial keys. The GXP1782 offers dual Gigabit ports to support up to 1000Mbps connections speeds while the GXP1780 offers dual 10/100Mbps ports.

Key Product Features :

  • 8 lines, 8 dual-color line keys (with 4 SIP accounts), 4 XML programmable contextsensitive soft keys
  • 32 digitally programmable & customizable BLF/fastdial keys
  • HD wideband audio, fullduplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation
  • 5-way audio conferencing for easy conference calls
  • Dual-switched Gigabit ports (GXP1782) or dual-switched 10/100Mbps ports (GXP1780), integrated PoE
  • Built-in USB port for importing and exporting data only
  • Supports headset use with a RJ9 headset jack and EHS support for EHS-capable Plantronics headsets
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls & accounts and Kensington Security Slot support
  • Large phonebook capacity with up to 2,000 contacts and call history with up to 500 records
  • Use with Grandstream’s UCM series IP PBX appliance for Zero- Config provisioning, also supports automated provisioning using TR-069 or AES encrypted XML configuration file
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