Grandstream Video Conference GVC3210 * فيديو مؤتمرات جراند ستريم GVC3210

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تعتبر GVC3210 نقطة نهائية مبتكرة لعقد المؤتمرات عبر الفيديو مثالية للشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة التي تسعى إلى حل مؤتمرات فيديو سهل الاستخدام ولكنه قوي. من خلال دعم دقة الفيديو من الدرجة الأولى حتى 4K Ultra HD ، يحول GVC3210 أي مؤتمر فيديو إلى تجربة قوية وواضحة ومحسنة.

The GVC3210 is an innovative video conferencing endpoint ideal for small to medium businesses who seek an easy-to-use yet potent video conferencing solution. By supporting top-tier video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, the GVC3210 turns any video conference into a powerful, clear, enhancing experience.

Key Product Features :

  • Sharp HD video resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD
  • Runs on Android 6.x operating system with full access to applications in the Google Play store
  • Built-in Bluetooth for use with Bluetooth speakers/ microphones, keyboards, data exchange, etc.
  • Integrated dual band WiFi to pair with video and web conferencing service
  • Built-in 4-MIC array with beam-forming, support for external audio equipment and innovative Noise Shield technology
  • Advanced camera with 16M pixel CMOS sensor, 90 FOV wideangle lens and ePTZ for easy camera view adjustments
  • Support for Miracast wireless content sharing to share a presentation with conference attendees
  • Integrated 1x HDMI in, 2x HDMI out, and 2x USB
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