VT Wired headset VT5000 Mono UNC * سماعة رأس سلكية VT5000 Mono UNC فى تى

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سماعة الرأس VT5000UNC تتميز بخاصية WideBand audio frequency والتى تجعل الصوت أوضح وطبيعى اكثر .

WideBand audio frequency makes more natural voice.

Key Product Features :

  • The Ultra Noise cancelling Mic filters 90% background noise
  • Broad Band audio frequency
  • Option for MIC AGC control,improves the compatibility with different Systems
  • Hearing protection with Active ProtectionTM technology
  • 300° rotation MIC boom offers optimal convenience.
  • Mirror decoration surface with Nano-plating technology
  • (Auto Mute TM)function when boom rotates to 60°to -60°(option)
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