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Elevate Your Facility and Home with Advanced Smart Home Systems in KSA with the leading
smart home & Facility Management System Integrator
Discover effortless control, enhanced security, and boundless convenience, all in one integrated solution.

Intelligent Living Redefined

Take control of your home environment with an intuitive, centralized system designed for modern living.

Smart Home System Features:

  • Unified dashboard for all smart devices
  • Customizable scenarios for different times and activities
  • Remote access and control from any location
  • Integration with leading smart home brands

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Smart Lighting Control Systems

Illuminate with Elegance

Customize your home's lighting with smart lights for energy efficiency and the perfect ambiance for every occasion.
Smart Lighting Features:

  • Energy-saving dimmable LED options
  • Automated lighting schedules aligned with daily routines
  • Voice and app control for convenience
  • Compatibility with smart home assistants

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Residential Security Systems

Your Sanctuary, Safeguarded

Advanced security systems with security surveillance cameras to protect your home and provide peace of mind with real-time monitoring and alerts Systems.
Security Systems Features:

  • Advanced motion sensors and alarms
  • Real-time notifications and live video feeds
  • Integration with smart locks and surveillance
  • Easy-to-use interfaces with robust protection

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Smart Heating Controls

Comfort Meets Innovation

Achieve the perfect home temperature with intelligent heating controls that adapt to your lifestyle and save on energy bills.
Smart Heating Features:

  • Intelligent thermostats that learn your habits
  • Zone-based heating controls for individual comfort
  • Remote adjustments via smartphone
  • Energy usage reports for informed savings

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Access Control System

Access Granted, Security Assured

Flexible and secure access management for your property, ensuring convenience without compromising security.
Smart Access Features:

  • Biometric, card, and mobile access options
  • Time-based access permissions for guests and service personnel
  • Integration with intercoms and surveillance systems
  • Detailed access logs for security audits

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Automated Parking System

Effortless Entry, Enhanced Security

Streamline your parking with automated solutions that offer efficiency and enhanced security for your vehicles.
Key Features:

  • Automated barrier arms and ticketing systems
  • License plate recognition technology
  • Real-time occupancy tracking and guidance
  • Durable hardware designed for high-traffic use

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"Since we had the smart home system installed by AL-VoIP, the convenience has been life-changing. Being able to control everything from lights to the thermostat with my phone is incredible. I can't imagine going back to a non-smart home."


- Alex T.

"The peace of mind I've gained from the enhanced security features is priceless. The real-time alerts and camera integration make me feel like my home is truly safe. AL-VoIP has delivered an exceptional service."


- Samantha R.

"Our energy bills have gone down significantly since we installed the smart thermostat and lighting controls from AL-VoIP. The system paid for itself in savings and the control we have over our home environment is effortless."


- Michael and Lisa G.

"The team at AL-VoIP was professional from start to finish. They helped us select the best products for our home and the installation was seamless. We highly recommend their services!"


- The Nguyen Family


What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation involves the use of technology to control and manage various home systems and appliances remotely or through a centralized platform for enhanced convenience, efficiency, and security.

How does home automation benefit me?

Home automation offers numerous benefits, including energy savings, improved security, convenience, comfort, and remote control of home functions, which can lead to an overall better quality of life and peace of mind.

Are smart home systems secure?

Yes, smart home systems are designed with security in mind, using encrypted signals and secure networks to protect your privacy and data. Regular updates and professional installations further enhance security.

  • Can I integrate new devices with my existing smart home system?

    Most modern smart home systems are designed to be scalable and compatible with a wide range of devices. However, compatibility can vary, so it's best to check with the device specifications or consult with our experts.

    What is needed to start with home automation?

    To start with home automation, you typically need a central hub or controller that connects to your home network and communicates with other smart devices. From there, you can choose which devices or systems you want to automate.

    Can I control my smart home system when I'm away from home?

    Absolutely! One of the main features of smart home automation is the ability to control your systems remotely via smartphones, tablets, or web interfaces, giving you control wherever you have an internet connection.

    How user-friendly are smart home automation systems?

    Smart home automation systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Interfaces are often intuitive, and you can usually manage your home systems with simple commands via apps or voice control.

    Will smart home automation save me money?

    Smart home automation can lead to significant savings on energy bills by optimizing heating and cooling schedules, turning off lights when not needed, and providing insights into your energy usage patterns.

    How do I choose the right smart home solutions for my home?

    Consider your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. Start with essential systems like lighting and security and expand from there. Our experts can provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

    What support is available for smart home systems?

    We offer comprehensive support for all our smart home solutions, including installation assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance services. Our customer support team is here to ensure your smart home runs smoothly.

    Does AlVoIP offer consultations for custom smart home setups?

    Yes, AlVoIP offers personalized consultations to help you design a smart home automation system that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs. Our experts will guide you through selecting the right technologies and devices to create your ideal smart home environment.