VT Wired headset VT8000 Duo UNC * سماعة رأس سلكية VT8000 Duo UNC فى تى

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سماعة الرأس VT8000UNC-D تقدم لك اداء ممتاز مع خاصية إلغاء الضوضاء التى تجعل الصوت واضح ونقى ، تضمن لك VT8000UNC-D تجربة جودة صوت جيدة.

Excellent Noise Canceling Effect with Crystal Clear Voice , to insure good voice quality experience .

Key Product Features :

  • 1.Broad Band Audio Frequency
  • 2.HD MIC AGC Control
  • 3.Super Audio Performance
  • 4.Accurate design of Microphone boom
  • 5.Excellent Noise Cancelling Effect
  • 6.Optimal durability and high stability
  • 7.Hearing Protection with Active Protection TM technology
  • extends the life cycle
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