Yeastar VoIP Gateway TA800 FXS * بوابة اتصال ڤويب ياستر VoIP TA800 FXS

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Yeastar TA800 عبارة عن بوابة FXS بها 8 منافذ، يتوافر بها خاصية إلغاء صدى الصوت وهو متوافق مع كل من بروتوكول SIP و IAX2. يعد TA800 مثاليًا للشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة التي ترغب في دمج نظام الهاتف التقليدي مع هواتف الآي بى.

The Yeastar TA800 is a multi-port FXS gateway including 8 FXS ports, line echo cancellation and is compatible with both SIP and IAX2. The TA800 is ideal for small and medium enterprises that wish to integrate a traditional phone system into IP-based system.

Key Product Features :

  • Fully compliant with SIP and IAX2
  • Flexible calling rules
  • Reliable fax performance with T.38
  • Provides high-quality voice compression with industry standard codecs
  • Line echo cancellation for 32, 64 or 128 ms echo delays
  • Web-based GUI for easy configuration and management
  • Excellent interoperability with a wide range of legacy and IP equipment
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