Yeastar VoIP GSM Gateway TG100 * بوابة اتصال ڤويب ياستر GSM TG100

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Yeastar TG100 هي بوابة اتصال GSM لتوصيل شبكات GSM بشبكات الفويب. يعد TG100 مثالي لتوصيل هواتف IP وشبكةسنترال الآي بي إلى GMS، وهو أفضل حل احتياطي عند توقف الخطوط الارضية عن العمل.

Yeastar TG100 is a GSM gateway for connecting GSM networks to VoIP networks for two-way communication (1 GSM Channel). The TG100 is ideal for connecting IP Phones, soft switches, and IP-PBX's to GMS network, and is the best fallback solution for land line outages.

Key Product Features :

  • 1 Stage/2 Stage Dial Balance Alarm
  • Call Back Call Detail Record (CDR)
  • Call Duration Limitation Call Progress Tone Generation
  • Call Status Display Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting Caller ID/CLIR
  • Carrier Selection: Auto/Manual Configure backup/restore
  • Firmware upgrade by HTTP/TFTP Gain Adjustment
  • GSM/CDMA/UMTS Ports Group Manage Hotline
  • Incoming /Outgoing Routing rules IP Blacklist
  • Network Attack Alert NTP
  • Open API for SMS and USSD Packet Capture
  • PIN Modify Real Open API Protocol (Based on Asterisk)
  • Send Bulk SMS Session Timer
  • SIP Peer Mode: Support SIP Response Code Switch
  • SIP server for IP phones: Support SIP Trunk: Support
  • SMS Center SMS Sending and Receiving
  • System Logs USSD
  • VoIP Trunk Group Web based configuration
  • White List and Black List
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